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Frequently Asked Questions

Rabbit Health, Nutrition, Medical and Behavior


NOTE: If you have come here because of an emergency, DO NOT WRITE US. Call your local veterinarian (or ANY veterinarian in your area) even if it's after hours. They should have an answering machine that lets you know the emergency vet hospital they recommend. Writing us and waiting for a reply could cost your rabbit her life.


Q: What is the best housing for my rabbit?

A: In most circumstances, it is best that rabbits be given more space for exercise than what can be provided by just a simple starter cage or hutch design. NJ House Rabbit Society encourages individuals to allow their rabbits free roam of the house, or at least a room or two. This enhances their life tremendously. READ MORE


Q: I think our rabbit is depressed. My child is no longer interested in her and I'm too busy working full-time to adequately care for her. She spends all her time alone in a small cage. What should I do?

A: Many people mistakenly think that a rabbit makes a good companion for a small child. They also do not recognize that rabbits can be house-trained, so that they can live in a cage-free environment and interact more easily with other family members. This will help build a stronger bond between a rabbit and his or her caregiver within an environment that is more comfortable for both the rabbit and the person. READ MORE




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