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How to Contact Us

New Jersey House Rabbit Society is an all volunteer organization and as such it may take a few days for your call or email to be returned. We appreciate your patience.


Ways to reach us:

If you have an EMERGENCY, you should

NEVER phone or email. Please do the following:


-- if you have a medical emergency with your rabbit, call your local vet. If you don't have a vet, look in your local phone book under veterinarians and call the one closest to you. There are also 24-hour vets listed for night-time or weekend emergencies.

-- if you have an animal cruelty emergency, visit this page for intructions on what to do

-- if you found a wild baby rabbit, please click here


EMAIL: Click here

Our email is answered by volunteers every few days.


PHONE: 732-641-0431

Messages on our answering machine are picked up by volunteers every few days.

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Updated:  February 25, 2020