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Mission Statement                        

New Jersey House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the well-being of domestic rabbits and to secure their place as a companion animal in society and in our homes.


NJHRS is a resource for educational materials on the proper care of companion rabbits, provides lower-cost spay/neuter services for companion rabbits through our one-of-a-kind program and whenever possible rescues and fosters rabbits.


For Rabbits Needing Homes

If you are looking to find a home for a rabbit, please note that NJHRS has no openings at this time.


While our ability at NJHRS to take in rabbits is very limited, the calls to surrender rabbits have not stopped. In light of that, we have created an information packet and have a link on this site on how to place a rabbit. For tips on finding a home for your rabbit, click here.


Additionally, we have added a page to our website where we place non-NJHRS rabbits who need homes--whether from private homes, from a Good Samaritan who found a stray or from shelters who do not normally deal with rabbits. We strongly encourage you to adopt from them. They are listed here.

Is a Rabbit Right for You?
Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions! They can be litterbox trained, can coexist happily with non-aggressive cats & dogs, and can live 10 years or longer. As indoor companion animals, they provide affection and lots of laughs with their silly antics and curious nature. They are more social, healthier, and happier when they are spayed or neutered. They also thrive best with daily exercise, affection and companionship.

It is important to remember that rabbits are NOT Easter pets - neither are chicks. Rabbits have a lifespan of 8 - 15 years, depending on the breed. That is a long-term commitment and one you need to be prepared for.

If you are looking for a social companion that enjoys to be part of the family, if you have the time to spend with them, are willing to work on litter-training, and are prepared for potentially costly medical expenses then a rabbit is for you.

If you think rabbits can do okay in a cage (or outside) and you only need to feed them pellets and let them out for 2 hours a day, then a rabbit is NOT for you! Rabbits require a lot more time, attention, care and out time (ideally all the time) than most people realize. Please think about this carefully before deciding to adopt. There is lots of information for you to do your research at

Lower Cost Spay/Neuter Program
A few years ago we started the first rabbit Lower Cost Spay Neuter Program for rabbits--Spay/Neuter is for Rabbits Too! It is likely the only one in the country, certainly the only one in New Jersey and we are very proud of that. We are actively trying to recruit more participating vets to make it more accessible to those who need it. This program is available to private individuals, rescue groups and shelters. People are taking advantage of this service all the time. You can read more about it here.


Donations made to NJHRS, in addition to going to the care of our current  sanctuary rabbits (those whom for various reasons will never be adopted), are going to the aforementioned program, as well as educational materials.


Looking to Adopt?

Since 1988, thousands of rabbits have been rescued through House Rabbit Society foster homes across the country. While in the care of New Jersey House Rabbit Society foster homes, the rabbits are family members, well socialized and comfortable with the normal sounds and activities of our households.


Please look at our current list of rabbits needing homes by clicking on Adoptions.


Need to Know More About Rabbits?

Although NJHRS is a limited rescue operation, we are an active advocacy group. We still answer email and phone inquiries (see Contact Us) and help people with advice on issues with their own rabbit--behavior, medical, bonding, litterbox training and more.


To learn more about rabbits--their care, their special medical needs, litterbox training, food requirements and more--you can find a wealth of information at the website of the national House Rabbit Society. Please click here for that link.


Going on vacation? Do you travel for work?

If you are looking for someone to care for your companion rabbit while you are away, visit for insured and bonded professional pet sitters in your area.



Did you find a wild baby rabbit? CLICK HERE.


Looking to Adopt?

Click here


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