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Rabbits in Need of Homes


looking to adopt A rabbit?

Any rabbits below are listed as a courtesy by NJHRS. They are NOT in foster care with NJHRS. As such, we cannot vouch for the health of the rabbit, whether or not they have been spayed or neutered or anything related to their history. You must contact the individuals listed next to each rabbit for more information.


Additionally, NJHRS has no say over whom they adopt to, whom they refuse, their adoption policies or adoption fees. If there are ever any issues with an adoption, you will need to take it up with the individual directly, not NJHRS.


But, nonetheless, they are rabbits in need of homes and we encourage you to reach out! Thank you for adopting.


looking to find A home for A rabbit?

NJHRS has a limited number of foster homes and cannot provide sanctuary for all rabbits in need. In order to help those homeless or soon-to-be homeless rabbits, NJHRS offers this page as a service to individuals looking to find a home for a rabbit.


If you have a rabbit in need of a home, you may have them listed here by providing us with the following information:


1) description of the rabbit(s)
2) picture(s)
3) name and contact info (phone and/or email) for the person responsible for adopting (if a shelter, that name is fine)

Contact us if you have any questions about this free listing.



NJHRS believes strongly that all potential adopters should be well-educated and informed before choosing to adopt a rabbit. Rabbits are not "low-maintenance" companions. Visit: and our Facebook page to learn more about how best to care for and appreciate these animals before making a decision to adopt these or any rabbits.


The following rabbits are available from Kind Heart Rescue.  

Updated:  October 20, 2017